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C- Convert to Customers and Team Members

"Be a human before a marketer." - Helen Martin

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"Helen is one of the most determined people I've ever met. She possesses a rare combination of grit and grace that really sets her apart and makes her perfectly suited as a mentor and guide. She has inspired and empowered countless 'budding' and experienced entrepreneurs alike, and we are extremely lucky to have her serve as a leader in our community."

Tim Erway

CEO/Founder, Attraction Marketing.com

"Helen has proven herself to be the ultimate problem solver and combined with being one of the hardest working people I've ever mentored, her success as a 6-figure home business entrepreneur was inevitable. She's had to overcome what, for most people, would have been insurmountable odds and did it with grace, without complaining and making many sacrifices along the way. Most shockingly, she did it in a selfless way while mentoring literally thousands of other entrepreneurs. I trust Helen with my own business and so should you."

Ferny Ceballos

Chief Marketing Officer, Attraction Marketing.com

"Helen Martin is the type of entrepreneur you might think of as a "natural"; natural-born leader, natural-born businesswoman, natural-born success. The reality, however, is that she has worked incredibly hard to develop her skills, to foster strong relationships, to focus and dedicate herself to delivering the highest quality service and mentorship she can, and to being the best version of herself in all she does. Helen possesses a rare blend of tenacity, heart, focus and grit and delivers it in her unique style of confidence, humor, and love. It is an honor to learn from Helen, and everyone who is fortunate to work with her comes away better, stronger, and more capable in business and life."

JT DeBolt

Leadership Expert, Author & Speaker

"I have known Helen for almost 30 years. I have watched her grow from a university student working in hospitality to a General Manager in the Corporate World to a thriving Entrepreneur. With whatever Helen takes on, she does it with integrity, grace, and determination. Over recent years, I have witnessed Helen develop a real passion for helping home based business owners build their businesses online. Helen has a natural skill to mentor others to succeed in their businesses. She is also relentless in her pursuit to serve her online communities, clients and students. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be mentored by Helen will no doubt find it a rewarding experience."

Mark Ross

Owner & Founder, MS Consulting

"Helen = true mentor. She has a desire for her students to learn, grow and be successful. Helen believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I have followed Helen from her social media group to her video challenges to her Online Crew Coaching Community to now her VIP Mentorship Program. She continues to teach me so much in relation to online marketing, personal development, a growth mindset, getting out of my comfort zone and leadership skills. She is teaching me to be humble but confident. Helen is genuine. I can say with complete conviction that I would not be where I am today both personally and professionally without her guidance, mentorship and friendship. Truer words were never spoken by Helen “Be a human before you are a marketer."

Beth Frederick

Entrepreneur & VIP Mentorship Program Student

"Helen Martin craves both personal growth and is driven by how she can impact others. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her challenge herself to continuously grow to new levels as a successful entrepreneur. She has a deep rooted desire to mentor others and has a knack for helping her students discover their highest potential, especially when they may not see it yet themselves. Helen is the kind of person that when you’re around her, you have no choice but to up level yourself. She plays a bigger game and you’d be incredibly fortunate if you had the opportunity to soak up her wisdom."

Kate McShea

Entrepreneur & VIP Mentorship Program Student

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