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5) Mentoring from Helen Martin in a Private  Facebook Group

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Feedback from current members in the Private Facebook Group...

"I love this group!  Helen, this training is just what I tired of the traditional way of network marketing" - Kim, Canada

"Hi Helen. Just wanted to say a huge thank you again for your help especially the last 5 weeks with the private mentoring group. I know we have been talking since October but especially in the last 5 weeks i have really learned so much on how to grow my business online. Your way of explaining made it all so much easier to understand. I really enjoyed the online mentoring session recordings and besides them you were great help too. I have learned a lot and there is definitely no excuse now in not implementing it and growing my business. I am sure I have more to learn and I hope you will continue teaching me. Thanks again"  -  Natasha, Ireland

"Wow Helen, you are so generous" - Kelita, Australia

"I have found Helen's mentoring group to be extremely useful; though I had read the attraction marketing formula (AMF) before, some aspects of it went 'over my head' and found there to be a lot to take in. I had lots of questions that I wanted to ask to help my understanding but did not know who to go to. Having Helen go through sections of the book each week has really helped me to gain a deeper understanding of AMF, and reignited my desire to make this work for me.

Helen discusses things in a very comprehensive manner, and gave us time to ask questions before and after each session.

There were times when I was unable to make the live sessions, so Helen recording it enabled us to watch it back at a more convenient time, and Helen did not make us feel bad or pressured if we weren't able to make the time, which I have experienced before so very grateful for this. 

I would recommend anyone who is interested in attraction marketing to utilise this group 

Thank you Helen, for your time and expertise"  -  
Kirsty, UK

"Listening to you while driving home. I just had an AHA moment about my email name/address. I've questioned my email address but wasn't sure WHY.   A toast to you Helen for breaking it down. Cheers!" - Kim, Michigan

What people are saying about Helen Martin...

"Wow! Helen is the real deal. I was watching one of her videos and decided to message her; she responded quickly and answered all of my questions. She is so knowledgeable about online marketing and I love her down to earth approach. You can tell she honestly wants to help people; I am so glad I came across her videos. Thank You!" – Marge, Iowa

"Helen is absolutely amazing! I have been following her since May this year and look forward to her Facebook lives each week. I have learnt so much from her. She gives us so much value in her content; her trainings on mindset are truly insightful, and her strategies for building a business online are great. Helen has inspired me to build my business online and continues to offer me support. I am extremely grateful for her expertise! I would recommend everyone who is looking to build their home-based business follow Helen Martin. Thank you Helen!!" – Kirsty, UK

"Excellent knowledge in on line marketing and inspirational leader" – Tanya, Colorado

"After finding training online from some of the biggest gurus that didn't help me whatsoever I saw an ad from Helen and reached out. We jumped on a zoom call and the thing that was so different is that she genuinely listened and wanted to help.She really knows her stuff. I can highly recommend" – Tanya, Australia

"I saw a post from Helen on Facebook in September 2017 and I have been following her since. I have done many courses with fantasic people in this industry but with Helen there was a connection straight away. I can relate very much to her, she is very helpful, genuinely interested in you and explains it all very clear and simple. Thank you for coming into my life and showing me how it is done!" – Natasha, Ireland