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What Other Members say....

Amazing, amazing bootcamp, learnt so much. Helen you help us all, from the beginners to the experienced. Your knowledge to keep up with all the latest changes is incredible, and then to share it all with us in such a way that we have all got to know and trust you

Anna Checuti Entrepreneur

This online coaching community is beyond amazing!!   😍 Helen gives SO much of her timepouring into all of us in general, and in this community, you will find the “extra training and golden nuggets” that she provides.  ⭐ The difference between THIS coaching from Helen and most from others out there is that she gives you bite-size information that you can implement into your business, without feeling overwhelmed. 😀  It’s truly priceless, and is worth so much more than the small cost.

Crystal Raccasi - Entrepreneur

Helen is the real deal! She is truly here to help who is ready to grow and learn for their business. I have learned so many things from Helen and I met her almost a year ago it's great to have online relationships and supporters it's a great community that she has created! thank you for all you do.

Kristeena Lozano Torez - Entrepreneur

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  • Social Media Training each week
  • 1x Done For You Engagement Post each week
  • 1x Content Creation Idea each week
  • 2 x Live Q&A Zoom Call each month
  • Bonus Training from Helen with updates & tutorials
  • Access to the Private Online Crew Coaching Facebook Group
  • Access to the Members Only Website 

What More Members say....

The past 12 months have been amazing I have learnt so much in this community I am doing things that I definitely would not of done before . Helen has a great structure in place which makes it easier to learn from she breaks it down and not Just teaches us but shows us it to it is like classroom training everything is broken down into bite size pieces. Helen always shows up she is very committed to her group and gives you a lot of value I would definitely recommend Helen as a mentor she has become a friend a teacher that is invaluable Thankyou

Rob Clark - Entrepreneur

Helen's Online Crew Coaching is absolutely fantastic. First of all, Helen provides us with incredible, valuable information on Social Media and Home Business; and she is personable, lovable, caring, and entertaining. Then there is the community of people from around the world who have become friends. Everyone is supportive and encouraging; helping me to become my best. We have all become family. With each live, we get to know each other a little bit more. My online presence has gone from zero to takeoff. Helen and her teachings have made the difference for me. Without her, I would not have ventured as far as I have already. With plans for lots more

Olive Dodd - Health Coach

I am new to this AMAzing community and I have already fallen in love . I am also very new to networking marketing as a whole. Helen is so inspiring, I have thrown myself into learning as much as I can from her. She has motivated me to really focus on myself and my personal development towards branding. Helen has also brought me into the present by assisting with how to actually use social media platforms. I had no idea! I am eternally grateful. I'm in this group for the long haul that's for sure! Thank you so much Helen.

Mel Reid- Entrepreneur


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  • Practical 'how-to' Social Media training
  • DFY Posts & Content Ideas
  • Coaching from Helen
  • Access to 7+ bootcamps
  • Guidance & support in community
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Helen Martin

your captain ...

Helen Martin

Helen resides in a small coastal town in South Australia. She is a wife and mother to 2 amazing boys and loves the freedom of working from home.

Helen’s whole working life was in the Corporate World up until a few years ago when family circumstances turned her world upside down. At that time she reluctantly resigned from her Corporate job and moved to the country to take care of family affairs.

With a new found freedom but no income, Helen found Network Marketing. She had a desire to be her own boss and not go back into traditional employment. It was a very rocky road in the beginning. Helen worked out very quickly the pains & struggles of the industry. Yes, she had some initial success, but it didn’t last long. So that’s when she started exploring social media and building her business online.

Over the last 2 years Helen has become a multiple six figure earner, built a Network Marketing Team and Customers of over 5,800 people and founded the Online Crew Coaching Community. Helen has also spoken on stages in Las Vegas, consults for a Mentorship Company in the US, has her own Branding Course and runs very popular Video Challenges and Bootcamps.  Helen also recently became a Number 1 Best Selling Author for her book called 'Journey to Success'.

Helen is extremely passionate about teaching practical social media systems for serious social sellers so they achieve success and build the business of their dreams.

What's inside each Bootcamp

Weekly Engagement Posts & Content Creation Ideas

  • If you’ve ever struggled to create Content & Engagement Posts for your Social Media, Helen’s got you covered.
  • Each and every week Helen provides you with a Done For You (DFY) Engagement Post and Content Creation idea. You can use these as is on your Social Media or amend them to make them your own.  
  • By using these Posts & Content ideas, you’ll learn how to create your own in the future. 

Weekly Live +/or Recorded Trainings

  • Each and every week Helen provides you with a Live and/or recorded training which will help you move your business forward..
  • These are practical trainings to help you with things like engagement, growing your audience, growing your influence, creating content in a variety of ways, attraction marketing strategies, attracting leads, social media tips, the latest updates, practical training videos, etc .
  • These weekly trainings give you the ‘how to’ for building your business online. This is the piece that’s missing for a lot of people .

Attraction Marketing

  • If you would like to learn how to attract people to you instead of chasing your family and friends, this Bootcamp will be perfect for you.  
  • You’ll learn what Attraction Marketing really means, how it works and how Helen has used it to completely turn her business around. 
  • Helen will share her Attraction Marketing journey with you and you’ll learn how you can start your journey with Attraction Marketing.

Content Creation

  • This Bootcamp is to help you understand WHAT types of content you can post WHEN, on your Facebook Profile and/or Business Page.
  • We will explore the foundations of content creation, all different types of content, the purpose of different types of content and how to plan your content creation.
  • You will never run out of content ideas by the time you have finished this Bootcamp.

Profile Overhaul

  • Your Facebook Profile is your Billboard of you
  • Do not underestimate the significance of your Facebook Profile 
  • People will make a decision about you based on your Facebook Profile. Sad but true! Let's make your Facebook Profile look the best it can be and utilise all the features Facebook gives you.
  • We will go through all the features of your Personal Profile and maximise your potential on each of them.

Resources & Bonus Training

  • Over and above what’s provided in the Coaching Community, Helen often does additional technical training videos, additional social media updates and shares cool new Apps she finds.
  • All these additional bonus trainings and updates can be found in this Bootcamp.

Live Q+A Zoom Call Recordings

  • Each and every month, Helen has Live Q&A Zoom Calls with the Members in the Coaching Community.   
  • Members have the opportunity to ask questions of Helen and receive some coaching and mentoring from her. 
  • These Calls have proven to be invaluable for our Members. All the Calls are recorded and this is where you will find those recordings.

Additional Bootcamps included in

the Annual Membership

Additional Bootcamps are available for Monthly Members to purchase at a massive discount.


Be a cool kid !

$1 Free Trial

$1 for a 3 day trial 

then $29.99 US per month after trial




  • Practical 'how-to' Social Media training
  • DFY Posts & Content Ideas
  • Coaching from Helen
  • Access to 7+ bootcamps
  • Guidance & support in community
  • Cancel anytime