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Most Network Marketers Fail on Social Media Because of This…

Have you ever sat back and wondered the REAL reasons no-one engages with your social media posts?

I was clueless for ages.  It took me a while to realise the strategies I was using on Facebook were actually doing me more harm than good.

Like many Network Marketers, I had exhausted my warm market and needed to reach out to new people, so I turned to Social Media. 

I did what I thought were logical things to do. I started a Facebook Page which branded my Network Marketing Company, I started posting pictures of my Products promoting how awesome they were, I posted before and after shots, I friend requested anyone I came across and sent them all messages about my AWESOME 'business opportunity'.

Isn't that what I was meant to do?

Hmmm, perhaps not!

Here's the solution if you want to speed up the learning process.

What i've come to learn, is that people (including myself) can make just as many mistakes, if not more, with prospecting online as with offline.

In fact, their are some MAJOR prospecting mistakes being made by people using social media to build their business.

Unfortunately, today..........

Oh No

The Internet Never Forgets and It's Ruining It For Everyone Else

Disappointingly, network marketers today are being taught online prospecting methods which include the wrong message, are very 'salesy' and are basically very annoying.

Here’s the truth!

There is a VERY fine line between recruiting with social media and spamming people. I’m sorry to say that most network marketers have been turned into human spam bots by their upline and company leaders…

Distributors have been tasked with the job of spreading the word about their company’s products or opportunity, at the expense of their reputation and risking the suspension of their social media accounts.

Well guess what...


STOP talking about your company and the company's products. It does more damage than you realise!

"People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care"

Spam bots

Building a business is actually about caring about people, becoming a person of value and being someone uniquely positioned to help someone with their problems.

Now this doesn’t mean prospecting online doesn’t work. I know some very skilled recruiters who are excellent at online prospecting, but just like offline prospecting, they’ve devoted the time and effort to learn this very difficult skill and have mastered it. And if that’s the strategy you want to deploy, you need to make sure you get it right!

But if you’re still a little fuzzy on whether you are a spammer or not, here’s a guide of sorts…

Top 5 Warning Signs That Your Prospecting Efforts are Actually SPAM

1) Your first private message to a stranger or someone you haven't spoken to in 10 years, includes a link to join your opportunity.

2) You post direct links to your products, opportunity or website on social media or even worse, you post links in the comments section of OTHER people’s social media posts.

3) Your Facebook newsfeed is FULL of posts about your company or products.  You constantly mention the name of the company (BIG NO NO) and you constantly put up pictures of the actual products (ALSO BIG NO NO).

P.S.  The name of your company and the actual products should be your biggest secret.  You do not want people going to 'google' to do their own 'research' about your company and products. We all know how that turns out.  Just create curiosity and intrigue about what you're up to and what the products are.

4) You compulsively talk, message or post about your company or products, whether anyone is interested or not.

Finally… this one is the most important one…

5) You engage in interactions online and post online with a hidden agenda. are hoping to get people interested in your opportunity or products, without really caring about the other person... basically you're just chasing the 'sale'.

​But here’s the interesting thing…

“When I Stopped Prospecting People, My Business Started Growing!”

I can’t tell you how relieved and at peace I felt, when I once again, was able to go out with my friends, visiting a family member’s home or be in a public place without having to think about prospecting anyone.

Just enjoying being normal again was incredible after obsessively thinking "everyone is a prospect” and approaching every conversation with a hidden agenda, I was free!

That’s because it wasn’t until I STOPPED prospecting, that my business actually started growing!

start growing

Weird, right?

At this point, you may be asking, “then how the hell did your business grow?”

Well before I answer that, I have to say that there are people who are very skilled prospectors and recruiters who completely disregard the issues I mentioned above.

They knowingly and without shame, approach every interaction with a stranger as a prospecting opportunity.

Each to their own I guess, but i didn't' want to build by business that way.

The problem with prospecting in general, as it’s normally taught, is that the mindset going in, is still about what YOU want people to do and about manipulating people into doing what you want them to do.

In other words, it’s about YOU, not them. I didn’t like that, but I still did it for a little while… until I found a better way.

The reason I was able to quit prospecting was because, with the help of some extraordinary mentors, I eventually discovered an online recruiting strategy, which…

Enabled me to passively generate leads, customers and new reps – even when I was out having fun with friends and family (hence why I didn’t have to worry about prospecting them!).

Rather than spending hours spamming or private messaging people on social media, I learned how to legitimately get Facebook to actually help me attract the people who are most interested in what I have to offer, using their platform! 

In fact, every day now, I awake to an email inbox full of notifications for new leads and commissions I earned while sleeping!

This strategy is called attraction marketing’, which is an internet marketing strategy designed for networkers and people in direct sales!

If you do not enjoy chasing people about your business and you don't want to be a spam bot on social media, you might want to learn a thing or to about attraction marketing.

Imagine waking up to leads and sales in your inbox every morning, as well as messages from people curious about joining your business.  And no, it's not a dream and it didn't happen by accident.  It happened because you followed a proven step by step system to attract people to you online. 

Now, you might be thinking. "Ummm...this sounds too good to be true".  If that's what your thinking, I get it.  I thought that myself before I tested it out.

Hey, I had nothing to lose, my team was going backwards and I was running out of friends and family to hit up about my business.

So, if you're ready to build your business online with a proven strategy, then you can get started with this free 10 Day Bootcamp.  


Yours Sincerely

Helen xo


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