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Honestly, how many months have gone by with no new recruits or sales in your business?

This is one of the biggest frustrations network marketers deal with.
I have dealt with it.  

I remember being told to make a Top 100 list and make my way through the list. I was also told to basically treat anyone within 3 feet of me as a potential prospect.


In the beginning it consumed me. I was analysing everyone I interacted with and the thought would go through my head......
'I wonder if they would be interested in buying some of my products or whether I should bring up the business?'.  

But let's get real here. There is only so long you can let it consume you like that.

Further to that, when I did get the courage to bring it up with someone, it usually didn't end well or it went well but then suddenly they went MIA (missing in action) when I followed them up.

Building my network marketing business the traditional way just wasn't working for me.  

It's not in my nature to give up though and I really wanted my business to work so that's why I went searching for another way.

So let's talk about social media and building your business online.

social media

More and more network marketers are looking to build their business online but unfortunately most are doing it wrong.

I see over and over again network marketers using their Personal Facebook Page to promote their products and opportunity. Yes, you can use your Personal Facebook Page to create intrigue and curiosity but that's where you should stop.  If you push your products and/or opportunity on your Personal Page it actually repels people.  

One of the best ways to attract qualified prospects to you is to brand yourself online and NOT your products or your company.

Once I discovered how to do this, everything started to turn around.

So many online strategies and training have popped out at me when I’ve scrolled through Facebook. I started with some training on Attraction Marketing which was really helpful, but then I jumped from training to training to webinars and more training and more webinars. It was so confusing.

I have wasted so much time and money trying to work out how to build my business online properly.

With everything I have learned, I created this 5 Part Video Series on the Basics of Building your Business Online. This training will make everything really clear for you so you can start building your business online successfully.

Through this training I now receive 10-15 qualified leads a day, I make money on autopilot and I have achieved over 7,000 followers to date and that's growing everyday.

qualified leads

I contribute my success so far to finding the right mentors with a proven formula to follow.  There is no question their online formula works, it's just up to the individual to implement it.  

Just recently, I went to Los Angeles for a three day intensive workshop with like minded entrepreneurs. While I was locked away in the workshop, not being active in my business, I made over $3,000.  This is the power of a proven online formula that works!

I would love to see you achieve the same...

How would you feel if you could attract qualified leads everyday, achieve automated sales, build a strong following and grow your business online, all without hassling your friends and family?

I know it's possible because I am doing it!

There is an alternative way......let me show you how.

If you would like access to my Free 5 Part Video Series, click here.

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  1. I’ve only been in the network Marketing industry since November, but I want to skip the trial and errors. I want to put in work that matters. That’s going to get me to my goal of being financially free. I’ve watched training videos. I don’t want to exhaust my audience. But I need to get affiliates on my team! My products have some rules I have to follow. Especially on Facebook. It’s CBD oil and other products. How to I hit the ground running?!

    1. Hi Julie, apologies for the late reply. I suggest you learn as much as you can about Attraction Marketing & Branding yourself on social media. I have heaps of free training on my website at http://www.helenmartinonline.com Also, happy to have a quick chat about it to point you in the right direction. Message me if you’d like to chat? My contact details are on my website. Regards Helen

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