This will be really helpful for those of you that are new or you're trying to navigate social media, but you're not sure what to concentrate on now.

One thing is for sure, you don't want to be spammy on social media. My mantra is to be a human before you're a marketer. Be a cool human before you're a marketer and you'll have much better results in your business.

If you follow these 7 tips, it will ensure you’re building your business in an authentic genuine way.

1. Clean up your Personal Profile

No one wants to see your company stuff. Remove all those posts from your Personal Profile.

People will buy a product off you or join your team, because YOU brought it to their attention. We are in a relationship business so build relationships, don’t push your products.

A picture of your product with the name of your company and the name of a product doesn't mean anything to anybody.

All it does is show people that you're a sales person with X, Y, Z company. Further, if they don't know much about the product or company, they go to Google it. They get all the information they need online, and don't even need to have a conversation with you. They might even find a company website and buy it from there and completely bypass you.

Share the benefits of the products that you offer, not the actual products that you offer.

When someone looks at your Facebook profile or Instagram, what does it say about you? What would someone learn about you? Is it informative, uplifting and interesting?

With your Facebook profile picture, don't have a picture of something that's not you. Have a clear picture of your face. You want people to identify you via your face as well as your name.

Your Facebook Profile is your billboard so make sure it’s a great representation of you.

2. Determine your Personal Brand

Developing your Personal Brand is essential for standing out from the crowd on social media.

Work out what you stand for and what problems you solve? Exploring these questions will help you develop your Personal Brand.

Your Branding message will be different depending if you are building your business through your Personal Profile, a Business Page or a Group. Please keep in mind it’s against Facebook’s Policies to actively build a business from your Personal Profile, so you might want to consider a Business Page or a Group.

Your biggest asset in your business is actually YOU, not your company or your products. If you concentrate on building a Personal Brand, you will build up trust with your audience and start attracting your perfect prospects to you.

If you are unsure how to build your Personal Brand, I recommend seeking out extra training on this topic from our Online Crew Coaching Community.

3. Your Content

Your social media content is what draws people to you. What you post, what you say, what you put out there on social media is very important.

When you look at your current content……..Are you authentic? Are you vulnerable? Are you inspirational? Are you motivational? Are you funny? Are you consistent? Are you intentional with what you post or do you post without much thought behind it?

Your content will either draw people to you and help you build your Personal Brand or repel people.

Ultimately great content can lead to people reaching out to you about your products, services and opportunity rather than you reaching out to them.  

We have lots of training on creating content in our Free Facebook Group and Coaching Community.

4. Build Your Network

You always want to be building up your network.

On a Personal Profile this means new Friends, on a Business Page and Instagram this means new Followers and in a Group this means new Members.

Your net worth is equal to your network.

So if your network is not the right network or it's not big enough, then your net worth is probably a lot smaller than you want it to be.

When you know your Personal Brand, you will attract the right type of Friends, Followers and Members to you.

So you always want to be sending friend requests, following & networking with people on Instagram and Facebook, and inviting people to your Group if you have one.

5. Go all in on Facebook and Instagram 'Stories'

The ‘Stories’ feature on Facebook and Instagram is fantastic for indirectly showing your friends and followers what you want them to see.

You can be really strategic with your Stories and create curiosity around the products you use and the business you are in. People also love watching behind the scenes and you can achieve this in your Stories.

Stories are one of the fastest ways for new people to achieve success. You can share your journey, your excitement and create curiosity without having to actually approach people individually.

6. Live Video

One of the quickest ways to build a Brand, get your message out there and build the know, like and trust factor, is through Live Videos.

When people see your face and hear you speak (as long as you are genuine and authentic) it’s intriguing and it really helps speed up that ‘trust’ factor. Let’s face it, people only buy products and services and join opportunities with people they know, like and trust.

If you’re not doing Live Videos you are missing out. Over 80% of content absorbed on social media these days is through Video. So if you’re not doing Videos, your family, friends and followers are watching someone else who is.

Honestly, if you’re not doing Live Videos, you will probably get left behind on social media.

It’s also important to note that Live Videos get far more organic reach and engagement than uploaded pre-recorded Videos. Live is definitely best!

7. Micro Videos

Another form of Video you’ll want to embrace is Micro Video Content.

Micro Video content means short form Videos like Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.

Micro Video content is trending because those videos are extremely short, entertaining and very easy for people to absorb. It’s bite-sized video content that is generally under 60 seconds. The best performing Micro Videos are around 10-15 seconds.

Life is very busy for most people these days. This is why Micro Videos are so popular as they are very quick and easy to watch.

The other massive advantage to Facebook and Instagram Reels and TikTok Videos is the extensive organic reach you can achieve. There is no other content that gives you the ability to reach thousands and thousands of people outside your current friends and followers. So these types of Videos are fabulous for new people who have little or no following to reach a much broader audience.  

If you would like to continue learning, you are welcome to join my Free ‘Social Media Strategies for Home Business Owners’ Facebook Group.

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