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Overcome the fear of Live Video

Trust me, the fear of doing Live Video's will start to disappear with every Video you do. This Video Challenge will help you gain confidence and become more comfortable in front of the camera.


Learn the technical aspects of Live Video

We've got you covered with the technical aspects of doing Live Videos. There are instructional Videos included in the Challenge to teach you everything you need to know.


With creating the content

The content for the 21 Days will be given to you in the Challenge. You will be given guidance on what to say for each day. 

What Previous Video Challengers have said....

I am very grateful for this Online Crew Video Challenge which has helped me so much with all aspects of Live video. A big thank you Helen Martin 🌹 for all the training and encouragement she gives us. I wouldn't have ever done my 1st live video a year ago if it hadn't been for this challenge.

Donna Cregger

This was my second Live video challenge and each time I learn something new. This time it was how to use Streamyard. Also with each video my confidence grows and my personality starts to shine through. I would highly recommend this challenge to everyone who wants to feel more confident with Live video.

Janeane Kearney

This challenge has been a great learning experience for me. I learned that I do have time to go live daily, I can share deep personal information in a positive way, I can find people to interview and going live is easier now. I really look forward to continuing this for my audience. I feel empowered.

Anna Olsen 


$7 Early Bird Special 

NOTE: The price goes up to $14 on 18th June

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What More Video Challengers have said....

This was such an eye opening and amazing experience. I can’t thank you enough Helen Martin for putting this on and going above and beyond for our benefit! I have certainly learned a lot and know more now about my direction and what I’m missing.

Barbara Keirle 

II absolutely loved the video Challenge. Each day I felt more confident and really enjoyed the whole experience. With the fabulous Tips Helen shared with us on our presenting skills , our personal objectives / tangibles for our the lives it helped me to step out of my comfort zones and push myself on every challenge.

Sophie Jeffery

This is my 1st challenge! All this ended like a dream to me. I never thought I could finished this challenge, I never thought I could pushed myself just a little bit harder to make this happen! I have grown so much by joining this challenge and learnt from all the amazing challengers here.

Amy Quek


$7 Early Bird Special 

NOTE: The price goes up to $14 on 18th June

Note: If you do not have a PayPal Account please contact Helen directly for an alternative payment option

Helen Martin

your captain ...

Helen Martin

Helen resides in a small coastal town in South Australia. She is a wife and mother to 2 amazing boys and loves the freedom of working from home.

Helen’s whole working life was in the Corporate World up until a few years ago when family circumstances turned her world upside down. At that time she reluctantly resigned from her Corporate job and moved to the country to take care of family affairs.

With a new found freedom but no income, Helen found Network Marketing. She had a desire to be her own boss and not go back into traditional employment. It was a very rocky road in the beginning. Helen worked out very quickly the pains & struggles of the industry. Yes, she had some initial success, but it didn’t last long. So that’s when she started exploring social media and building her business online.

Over the last 2 years Helen has become a multiple six figure earner, built a Network Marketing Team of over 1600 people and founded the Online Crew Coaching Community. Helen has also spoken on stages in Las Vegas, consults for a Mentorship Company in the US, has her own Branding Course and runs very popular Video Challenges.

Helen is extremely passionate about teaching practical social media strategies to home business owners so they achieve success and build the business of their dreams.