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Overcome the fear of Live Video

Trust me, the fear of doing Live Video's will start to disappear with every Video you do. This Video Challenge will help you gain confidence and become more comfortable in front of the camera.


Learn the technical aspects of Live Video

We've got you covered with the technical aspects of doing Live Videos. There are instructional Videos included in the Challenge to teach you everything you need to know.


With creating the content

The content for the 10 Days will be given to you in the Challenge. You will be given guidance on what to say for each day. 

What Previous Video Challengers have said....

Helen Martin and the team, thank you ever so much for doing this encouraging online crew video challenge. If not for you, I would probably still be in my comfort zone and waiting for this right moment, which would never come. It feels like my fear is slowly fading away but I have a lot to improve and I will now continue to do my live videos.

I have definitely gained more confidence in myself. I now can celebrate my achievement and thank you to you all guys.

Diana Stark

I really enjoyed being part of this wonderful and supportive community. Thank you Helen Martin for sharing a part of you with us, really appreciate it. This 14-day journey has been amazing and a transforming one for me. Have learnt so many things along the way and one of them is being authentic and to be "just you", and people will relate to your imperfections and love you for you who you are! I am going to have fun with lives now. All the best everyone. Thanks for the love and support for the 14 days and hoping our paths will cross once again.

Rajneeta Saraf

Thank You Helen Martin for this wonderful free 14 day live video challenge. It's my very first challenge and has stretched me and taken me out of my comfort zone. I have had to face my fears and imposter syndrome. I have grown in confidence and over came my fear of live video. It has been such a positive experience in my life these last 14 days. I am grateful to be part of this challenge and received so much support from other challengers. Thank you to everyone for making this journey fun.

Lesley Doughty




What More Video Challengers have said...

This was such a fun journey for me for the past 14 days. And I thank you Helen Martin for giving us this opportunity to join this free online video challenge. I learned so much that I for sure can share to my team.

My learning is always a process and this challenge helped me thru. Once again thank you.

Teresita Caluza

Thank you Helen Martin and crew/friends. Thank you for your time and your engagement for all of us to do this Video Challenge. I am NOT new to your community or your challenges, but I am still learning something new every day here and every challenge!

I really enjoyed being part of this wonderful and supportive community and this wonderful free 14-day live video challenge to get us out of our comfort zone. 

Learned lots of skills, techniques and importance of connecting with audience but the friendship and support has been amazing.

My tip: Give it a go. It can transform your business.

Anna Chetcuti

I really did grow a lot from doing this 14 day challenge. I did things I thought I would never do.

Thank You Helen Martin for taking the time to do all the work behind the scenes to make this challenge and for free.

I got so much responses from my videos that gave me the drive to finish.

Pam Hall




Helen Martin

your captain ...

Helen Martin

Helen resides in a small coastal town in South Australia. She is a wife and mother to 2 teenage boys and loves the freedom of working from home.

Helen’s whole working life was in the Corporate World up until a few years ago when family circumstances turned her world upside down. At that time she reluctantly resigned from her Corporate job and moved to the country to take care of family affairs.

With a new found freedom but no income, Helen found Network Marketing. She had a desire to be her own boss and not go back into traditional employment. It was a very rocky road in the beginning. Helen worked out very quickly the pains & struggles of the industry. Yes, she had some initial success, but it didn’t last long. So that’s when she started exploring social media and building her business online.

Over the last 2 years Helen has become a multiple six figure earner, built a Network Marketing Team of over 5,100 team members and customers and founded her Online Crew Coaching Community. Helen has also spoken on stages in Las Vegas, consults for a Mentorship Company in the US, has her own Branding Course and runs very popular Video Challenges and Bootcamps.  Helen is also a Number 1 Best Selling Author for her book ‘Journey to Success’.

Helen is extremely passionate about teaching practical social media strategies to home business owners so they achieve success and build the business of their dreams.