Join Helen's

Helen's VIP Mentoring Program is suitable for people who are looking for a Mentor to guide them,
review their work, provide feedback, give suggestions and keep them accountable 

The VIP Mentoring Program is a small Group Coaching Program where you will be able to attend one Mentoring Call a month where you can share your screen and get your work reviewed. You might like your Facebook Page reviewed or your Facebook Ads, your funnels, your emails, your social media strategy, your content etc.  You will also learn a great deal from listening to other students work being reviewed.  There will also be a separate Facebook Group just for the VIP Mentoring Students.

*You can join the 6 month or 12 month program*

Please note the following conditions...

  • You must be a current Member of the Coaching Community to be able to join the VIP Mentorship Program.
  • You must also remain an active Member of the Coaching Community for the term of your Mentorship.
  • If you default on your Membership payment to the Coaching Community or the VIP Mentorship payments, you will be removed from the Coaching Community and the VIP Mentorship Program.